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Launch of an Archive in Memory of Heesob Nam

It’s already been two years since our colleague, Heesob, passed away.


In memory of him, South Korean civil society has opened an archive of his activities. It is a collection of columns, articles, speeches, reports, and presentations he had made until he left.


Heesob pioneered the criticism of intellectual property rights and the expansion of access to knowledge in South Korea. Korean civil society has established this [Heesob Nam Archive 남희섭 아카이브] to share his achievements and build on them so that someone else can break new ground.


We hope that [Heesob Nam Archive 남희섭 아카이브] can serve as a resource for understanding information, culture, and human rights he envisioned and inspire real-world issues.


[Heesob Nam Archive 남희섭 아카이브] https://namheesob.org (written in Korean; you may use a translator)


Tributes to Heesob Nam (1966-2021), legendary South Korean IP activist