Solidarity for Worker’s Health


Solidarity for Worker’s Health (SWH) is independent, non-profit organization working for making liaison between Korean labor, health right, and human right movement. We put ourselves in-between anyone who fight with unfair dismissal and inequity. Few full-time activists work for Solidarity for Worker’s Health, but many professional members such as doctors, lawyers support our action.


We aim for 3 major objectives. Firstly, we conduct investigation on health problem of laborer and draw policy proposals. Secondly, we accuse corporation for occupational fatality and hold action for Corporation Homicide Act. Lastly, we attempt to give practical support for health problems of workers.


1. Research and policy proposals

On 2014, SWH investigated risk and accidents of subcontract workers in shipbuilding industry, plant construction work, and steel industry. The investigation focused on corporation’s negligence on health and industrial accidents and their discrimination on working condition of temporary subcontract workers. According to our investigation, subcontract workers experience high rate of industrial accidents, fail to get appropriate rest, treatment and compensation for the accident. We demanded the government to reinforce the regulation of corporation and amend related legislatures. On 2015, we plan to inquire into health of poor sewing industry workers.


2. Company prosecution on Occupational fatality & movement for Corporation Homicide Act

The industrial death rate of South Korea is highest among OECD countries. Corporation does not take full accountability for the death of the employee in risky occupational environment. SWH have been accusing the corporate’s CEO for the claim of employee’s death. As judiciary of South Korea does not consider employee’s death as corporate’s responsibility, the related legislation is meager, and punishment of the CEO is far-off objective.
Nevertheless, by issuing the accusation on press repeatedly, public attention on corporate’s responsibility on occupational fatality. Along with these action, we are accompanying movement for legislation of “Corporate Homicide Act”.


3. Practical support for worker’s health problems

SWH attempt to inform the public about poorly paid workers in risky working environment, carry out consultation with the workers, and also connect them with doctors. This work is operated by e-mail and telephone on any time by the activists.
Mostly, workers on fasting or street demonstration frequently request for doctor’s consultation. Recently, several fights of non-regular workers climbed the electronic display sign of high buildings, protesting for low-wage and exploitation. The consultation of these cases is difficult for doctors, as the only way to access the protester is to operate ladder truck and check the health status of the one on high standing advertisement tower on the top of the building. SWH have received appreciation plaque from the labor union this year.