Abortion ban Overturned in the Constitutional Court

Today, on April 11th 2019, abortion ban in South Korea has been ruled unconstitutional.
This is a historical victory for many Korean people, especially women, who has been fighting vigorously for decriminalization of abortion and women’s reproductive right.

The court ordered that the existing law should be revised by the end of 2020.


Constitutional Court says that abortion ban must end (Image from Womenlink Korea)

Joint Action for Reproductive Justice in South Korea, who played critical role in struggle for decriminalizing abortion, declared that we will never go back to the oppressive past, and requested administration and the legislature to ensure the sexual and reproductive right for all.

We want to celebrate this as a step forward the women’s health right in South Korea, and  want to share the Korean people’s struggle to abolish the abortion ban with our comrades around the world.

<Article 269 Abolition Performance of the Criminal Law made by 269 Members (2018.9.29)>


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<Waiting for Verdict, the Outside the Constitutional Court (2019.04.11)>


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